Photography By Peter Ehrlich

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Bring manmade and natural wonder into your living space with professional photography from PDE Photography. High-resolution scenery and architecture photos add more appeal to your home's decor.

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Enjoy high-quality transportation photos! Browse our extensive selection. We specialize in professional photography, featuring thousands of pictures of trains, buses, and other vehicles.We offer framed prints as well as highest resolution images, which you can download and print out.

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San Francisco's F-Line; The Blue Hippopotamus; A New Brand Of Patriotism; The Fifth Octave, and other books. The first-named book was written by Peter Ehrlich, the site owner, but the other books were written by the owner's father, Paul Ehrlich. Also, there is a line of Bumper Stickers.

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Professional Photography

If you like streetcars, subways, and street scenes and scenery from around the world, you’ll love what we have to offer. PDE Photography offers professional photography of transportation and other subjects. Purchase our images as framed prints or unframed prints, or download them as 11-inch digital or raw photos.

We also offer specialized books with fictional and nonfictional accounts of events throughout history to pique your interest! Contact us today for more details about our fantastic, affordably priced transportation photos, scenic images, and architecture photos.

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