Erin and Josh's Keeler Tavern Wedding

Dec 22, 2020

Celebrate the Timeless Beauty with PDE Photography

Welcome to Erin and Josh's Keeler Tavern Wedding page at PDE Photography, your premier destination for arts & entertainment - visual arts and design. We are delighted to share the magical moments captured at their wedding, showcasing our expertise in delivering stunning and memorable wedding photography.

Unveiling the Perfect Venue

Erin and Josh's wedding took place at the picturesque Keeler Tavern, a historical landmark nestled in the heart of Connecticut. The charming rustic ambiance of the venue perfectly complemented the couple's romantic vision, providing a breathtaking backdrop for their special day.

Timeless Love Story

Erin and Josh's love story is one for the ages. As a couple deeply in love, their connection shone brightly throughout the entire celebration. Our team at PDE Photography documented every moment, from their heartfelt vows to their first dance as a married couple, immortalizing their love and joy in timeless photographs.

Capturing Moments of Pure Bliss

Our team of experienced photographers is dedicated to capturing every unforgettable moment of Erin and Josh's Keeler Tavern Wedding. From the excitement of getting ready to the tender exchange of rings, our lenses were poised to capture the essence of their love, allowing it to live on forever.

Attention to Detail

At PDE Photography, we understand that it's the little details that make a wedding truly unique. From the delicate lace on Erin's dress to the exquisite floral arrangements adorning the venue, our photographers were meticulous in capturing these intricate elements, ensuring that no moment or detail would go unnoticed.

A Celebration of Family and Friends

Erin and Josh's wedding was not only a celebration of their love but also a gathering of cherished family and friends. The joy and laughter shared by their loved ones added an extra layer of warmth to the day. Our skilled photographers were there to document these heartfelt connections, telling the full story of their unforgettable wedding.

Preserving Memories for a Lifetime

At PDE Photography, we believe that wedding photography is not just about capturing the day, but about preserving memories that will be cherished for a lifetime. Our years of experience in arts & entertainment - visual arts and design enable us to curate a collection of photographs that encapsulate every emotion and every precious moment from Erin and Josh's Keeler Tavern Wedding.

Come Experience the Beauty

We invite you to experience the breathtaking beauty of Erin and Josh's Keeler Tavern Wedding through the lens of PDE Photography. Be inspired by the love, happiness, and devotion that radiates from their photographs. Contact us today to learn more about our arts & entertainment - visual arts and design services and how we can preserve the precious moments of your own special day.

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Absolutely breathtaking! 😍 These photos capture the eternal love.
Nov 9, 2023