The World of Jane Motorcycles

Aug 17, 2019


Welcome to the captivating world of Jane Motorcycles, beautifully captured by PDE Photography. As enthusiasts of both art and motorcycles, we invite you to join us on a visual journey that embraces the fusion of aesthetics and engineering.

Discovering Jane Motorcycles

Jane Motorcycles is not just another motorcycle brand - it's a lifestyle, an expression of individuality, and a celebration of design. Founded by Adam Kallen and Alex DiMattio in 2013, Jane Motorcycles has become the epitome of style and craftsmanship within the motorcycle community.

Unraveling the Passion

At Jane Motorcycles, each custom-built motorcycle tells a story, woven with passion and attention to detail. PDE Photography beautifully captures the essence of these machines, bringing to life the intricate components, striking aesthetics, and the sheer power that epitomize the Jane Motorcycles brand.

The Art of Custom Motorcycles

Every motorcycle created by Jane Motorcycles is a meticulously crafted piece of art. From the moment the initial concept is sketched, to the final brush of paint on the tank, each step is guided by an unwavering commitment to achieve excellence. PDE Photography artfully documents this process, providing an intimate glimpse into the artistry and expertise behind each masterpiece.

The Visual Journey

Capturing the Beauty

PDE Photography skillfully captures the raw beauty of Jane Motorcycles, showcasing every curve, line, and detail. Through the lens, you'll experience the gleaming chrome, the supple leather, and the perfect harmony of form and function.

The Essence of Design

In the world of Jane Motorcycles, design is revered and celebrated. PDE Photography brings this philosophy to life, highlighting the carefully selected materials, the precision engineering, and the harmonious blend between vintage inspiration and contemporary innovation.

Embracing the Lifestyle

A Sense of Adventure

Jane Motorcycles is more than just bikes - it represents a spirit of adventure and exploration. PDE Photography transports you to open roads, scenic landscapes, and the exhilarating freedom that only a motorcycle can offer. Immerse yourself in the images and let your imagination wander.

Community and Culture

The world of Jane Motorcycles extends beyond the motorcycles themselves. It's a vibrant community of like-minded individuals drawn together by a shared passion. PDE Photography captures the atmosphere of this culture, showcasing the camaraderie, events, and unique experiences that define the Jane Motorcycles community.


At PDE Photography, we take pride in our ability to encapsulate the soul of Jane Motorcycles. Through our lens, we aim to ignite your imagination, inspire your creativity, and leave you craving to experience the world of Jane Motorcycles firsthand. Join us on this visual adventure, and prepare to be captivated by the unparalleled beauty and artistry of Jane Motorcycles.

Nicole Gosson
The captivating world of Jane Motorcycles beautifully merges art and engineering. It's more than just a brand; it's a celebration of individuality and a lifestyle worth exploring. Join us on this visual journey and let your imagination ride free!
Nov 12, 2023